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What began as a backyard operation--and when we say “backyard operation” we mean it--has grown to a locally loved and cherished “home”.  Abdallah’s IS the “AMERICAN DREAM” of brothers Elias and George Abdallah. In 1976, they began with a couple acres of land and a warehouse, and began baking bread.  They wanted to share the richness of their beloved Lebanon by providing the city of Houston with fresh pita bread and deliciously baked goods.  This “small operation” quickly grew, and they began shipping product all over the United States.  You could knock on the front door at any time of the day or night and be greeted by a family member, taken to the warehouse and sold some bread…. No quantity was too little or too large!

In 1990, the operation moved to our current location (3939 Hillcroft Ave.), where the restaurant was added as a bonus.  Sharing bread wasn’t enough; being THE FIRST LEBANESE RESTAURANT of our kind in town was the next step.  The family worked together to provide the community with Lebanese groceries and food.  We have been at the same location since then, and anyone who has ever patronized our establishment knows that once you come to Abdallah’s, you are FAMILY!  That is what it is all about here.  It’s all about “Mama’s Cooking,” and a casual, “no frills” family environment.  We are that “Mom and Pop – hole in the wall” place that anyone who knows what real Lebanese food should taste like is thrilled to discover!  If you try us once, you are sure to be hooked!

Our bakery has also grown through the years.  Today, almost every Lebanese and Greek restaurant in town uses our pita bread, and you can find our bakery goods at Central Market, Whole Foods and even HEB stores.

We hope that the next time you are in the area, you will stop by and taste for yourself!  We look forward to meeting and serving you!


The Abdallah Family


Old Country Olive Oil

This olive oil is a product of centuries of love and care.  It is cold pressed, unfiltered, pure extra virgin olive oil of the greatest quality nature has to offer.  The olives are hand picked and selected from the Abdallah Family’s groves of Tanbourit, a tiny village in the south of Lebanon, the Land of the Cedars.  For centuries, the families of this village have cared for and harvested the olives for consumption, oil, and even soap production for their personal use and livelihood. 

For Mr. George Abdallah, who immigrated to the United States over 40 years ago, what started out as a few gallons of oil from his family’s groves in Lebanon to his family’s homes in Houston, has turned into an opportunity to share with our clients and friends the best product nature has to offer.  Once a year, as soon as the olives are harvested and pressed, we bottle and bring the oil to our store.  Hurry in quickly because they FLY off the shelves!

We hope you will enjoy and appreciate the rich taste and history of this magnificent product!

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